Locksmith work

Zámečnické práce, kovoobrábění

We provide every locksmiths work, assembly and the products finish according to the requirement of the customer.
We process the drawing documentation. We provide the custom manufacturing and the batch production as well. 

  • Material cutting
    Band sawing machine ARG 300 PLUS S.A.F. – enables the cutting of different kind of materials and serial cutting of thick materials as well
  • Pressing - hydraulic press, manual pressing
  • De-burring  - of sharp edges and burrs which remain after product machining
  • Blasting  - of tiny pieces in barrel
  • Threading - machinery and manual cutting of metric and other threads
  • Polishing - the final process for the product good appearance
  • Grinding - on the band and disk grinder to attain the good appearance of the part
  • Spot-welding - welding of thin sheets by means of spot welding machine
  • Milling - milling machine F2V
  • Riveting - joining pieces by means of metal rivets, or by the riveting of one piece jag
  • Welding - of steel, stainless steel, aluminium, Al alloys, copper and brass
  • Hand plasma cutting - the plasma cutter is able to cut different kind of metals and non-metals as well, including the varnished, corroded or stained parts

To enable our quicker response towards your demands, sending of your drawing documentation in DWG and DXF format is advisable.

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