About us

firma laser technology s.r.o.Laser Technology Ltd. is solely the Czech company, established in 2008 with aim to follow the acquired experience of its founders within the branch of general engineering.
We provide the customer manufacturing and the batch production of precise shapes made of metal sheets and plates by means of laser cutting method applied by means of our TRUMPF machines.

Since 2010 our company prominently extended our machinery equipment portfolio and gradually with growing amount of our production we aimed our effort into further branches as well. We can mention the bending in CNC plate-bending press and the locksmith workshop, where the material cutting, grinding, welding, plasma-cutting, assembly and the product finalization are carried out.

Within the framework of increased requirement of customers we introduced system of QI information to make our service better, which is adjusted to meet increased requirements of our company. Via this system we can reach the higher level of quality and the flow of production was increased. 

firma laser technology s.r.o.With respect to the higher number of offers from customers we have enlarged our machinery portfolio as well, to offer the full implementation of your idea until the finished product. In 2013 we bought CNC cutting machine RUM 3000 GP, laser TruLaser 3030 (L20) / 5000 W equipped with a new technology CoolLine and the hydraulic bend-press TruBend 5085 and suspended shot-blast machine.

Our experience, professional approach of our employees and application of up-to-date technology mean the full satisfaction for our customers.

The brief terms of delivery and the transportation flexibility are the priorities of our company.

We have the vehicle fleet of our own. Our dispatch office secures delivery of given products just to the place of destination. The transportation is carried out by our vehicles up to the three tons of weight. The bigger loads are transported via contractual transport companies.

To enable our quicker response towards your demands, sending of your drawing documentation in DWG and DXF format is advisable.

If you are interested in our services or other information please contact us: