We are able to weld steel, stainless steel, aluminium, Al alloys and copper.

We provide the welding of different parts by means of our qualified staff according to the specific requirements of customers.

We have built a new workshop equipped with these welding machines:

  • EWM T230
  • Mig C3000i
  • KITIN 1900 HF
  • TIGER 309
  • Phoenix 401 Concept puls  
  • KIT 3000
  • Tetrix 230 AC/DC COMFORT

Welding methods:


high speed of welding = higher productivity


secures excellently clean and high quality welds. Welding at spaces with difficult accessibility is possible.


The low weight of the welding machine. The suitable method for badly accessible outdoor places.

BRAZING  possibility to join tiny pieces together

a short-time effect of the welding temperature (weld quick cooling) means the low-grain structure of the weld metal

To enable our quicker response towards your demands, sending of your drawing documentation in DWG and DXF format is advisable.

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